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Hi! My name is Jordan and I started Village Apothecary out of my kitchen during the height of 2020. Thankfully, we have grown and adore the community that we have created!

A little bit about us: Village Apothecary candles are hand-poured into reusable jars and made from a blend of phthalate-free coconut and soy waxes, along with high quality fragrance oils. We like to stick with a clean and timeless design for a candle that fits any space. Village Apothecary candles are made in small batches in Birmingham, Alabama. We are family owned and are driven to help make sustainable self-care accessible for all. Our candles have been tested with children, pets, the allergy sensitive, and the migraine prone to ensure the best experience for your space.
After hundreds of hours of testing, (and probably hundreds of failed candles), I started producing candles that I was proud of. Now, candle-making is my full time business and I hope to hire working mothers, students, and artists in the near future. 
Village Apothecary is about community, pushing past intimidation, and embracing the creativity within. From your bathtub to the office, we want our candles to help you self-care more often. 
- Jo & the fam

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